The Federation of Thessalian Associations, a volunteer based organisation, was formed in 1999 when the three “not for profit” associations

·     Hasion Philanthropic Association Ltd (1971)

·     Meteora Thessalias Benevolent Society Incorporated (1962)

·     The Provincial Philanthropic Association Of Elassonians Of Sydney and

     New South Wales Incorporated ( 1988 )

 all agreed to combine their efforts in order to better serve the Australian community.


Since its inception the Federation has been involved in several projects, for example, the establishment of the Discobulus to honour Olympic Athletes and  the promotion of Breast Cancer awareness, whereby it successfully raised a significant amount of money to assist breast cancer research.


In 2007, along with several Thessalian associations around the world, it helped form the first World Confederation of Thessalian Association “Asklipios”.


The Australian Thessalian Greek community through its involvement in business, the arts and various community projects, has over the last forty years contributed to the well being of the greater Australian community.


Today new generations of Thessalian Australians continue this contribution through their involvement within the areas of science, law and public administration.


The Federation will continue to support worthwhile projects and promote the values that benefit and bring harmony to the community that we live in.

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