“Combining our efforts to better serve the Australian community.”

Meteora, Hasion and Elassona the Australian Thessalian Community representatives.



  1. Peter,you make me cry when I saw this beautiful piece of Art and particularly the name FOTA.
    My warm congratulations for the design and set up of the Website.

    Also Peter I congratulate you for the long hours and the hard work you put in,for the foundation of the World Confederation of Thessalian Association ASKLIPIOS.I wish you all the best for the future.

    Don’t forget my long and very good association with Siomos family (I sat on meetings with your father,with you and now with your son).

    Again Peter full marks for your good and hard work.I would be there always to assist if it is a need.

    Kind Regards to Mum, Dad and all your family.

    Always Thessalos Elias Sioutas

    • Elia

      Thank you for your kind words but reality is that we are only following the path pioneers such as yourself discovered. It is people like you that taught us the values of community and how to be proud of who we are. Like Jason and the Argonauts who left Thessalia looking for the Golden Fleece your generation sought your own Golden Fleece. We are just lucky that we have been able to enjoy such prosperity. I wish that more of my generation and others that follow realize this.

      Peter Siomos


  2. Hie Peter. Firstly congratulations on the good work that you do for Fota as well as Meteora I see you as my role model of Meteora. I have followed your steps into the silloyo and i thank u for that. Papou and my family wish you all a happy easter and a kali anastasie! I allways admire ur hard work that you have put in to the silloyoi with out u the silloyoi would not be at the stage that it is at!!

    • Thank you Tania! I hope that people like you can take FOTA and Meteora even further. They can only exist if people care.


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